Trends in Traveling To India: What You Need To Know

While the Taj Mahal is certainly a must-see when travelling to India, the country’s tourism has grown extensively beyond that. Tourism options in India are increasingly adventurous and authentic as young Indians travel internationally and bring the trends home. The following is not a typical “what to do in India” article, but rather presents some of the hottest trends in India’s tourism. Make sure that your India tours includes at least one of the following for a truly one-of-a-kind trip.

Outdoor Adventures

Adventure sports have seen a rise in interest from young nationals who are opening options for internationals. These newest adventure locations can be found along the coasts and into the Himalayas. Some options include kite surfing in Rameswaram, skiing in Gulmarg, whitewater rafting in Rishikesh or Himachal Pradesh, and caving in the North East. India is the natural destination for adrenaline seekers.

More Extensive Touring

Due to improvements in the infrastructure, more sites throughout the country are open than ever before. Places like Kashmir and the Pali region in Rajasthan can now be safely included in an India tour. Because these are new options, the attractions will likely be less “touristy” than most others, but will be equally unique and beautiful.


Not a new trend but still important, eco-tourism focuses on sustaining natural resources and home to 10% of the world’s “biodiversity hotspots,” India’s options are plentiful. These include the Kabani Bamboo Village, Vaishno Devi Shrine, Ajanta Ellora caves, and wildlife sanctuaries home to endangered animals like Indian Elephants and tigers. This incredible scope of ecotourism is due to India’s area and rich biological diversity.

Safer & More Reliable Public Transit

With new ways to get around and new government regulations to keep public transit safe and economic, the only downside to India’s public transit is its complexity. The new Dehli metro, new highways, and new airports in Mumbai and Gao make getting around much simpler. Buses and local trains are the most common means of transport, cycle rickshaws are the cheapest, trams are emission-free, and auto rickshaws now use meters and charge a fixed rate. The expansive and economic public transit provides safe travels for both the adventurous and timid.

Apps & Internet Booking

Leading tourist companies now offer convenient booking apps, building the tourism base throughout the country. As travelers and potential tourists make their way through the relatively weak WiFi hotspots, they can use the apps to research India tour options and book the ones that catch their fancy. The result is that more people are willing to take a step into the unknown and explore all the wonderful attractions India offers.

When it comes to vacation packages, India tours, and solo adventuring, travelling to India is not complete without experiencing a few of the elements listed above. From outdoor adventuring to eco-tourism, braving public transit to handy apps, India’s tourist industry continues to accelerate its understanding of international tourists, offering something everyone from solo hippies to hip families. Book your trip today!

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