Save Money on Travel, See More of the World

Saving money on vacation travel is not only important to those on a budget because everyone knows: money saved on travel means more money to spend on travel. Therefore you get to see more of the world, which is the whole point of traveling and enjoying oneself. There are many places in the world that are off the beaten path, offering more unique experiences at a better price than some of the more popular destinations on the globe.

1. Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
Often the best way to find an affordable place to travel is to figure out where the locals go when they are on vacation. In the case of Brazil, locals most often visit Salvador de Bahia, while most tourists are attracted to the larger Rio de Janeiro and its Carnival attractions. Salvador de Bahia is the largest town on the northeastern Brazilian coast, with a population of about 2.7 million residents. It is colloquially called “Brazil’s capital of happiness,” since it is renowned for the populations easygoing nature. There are numerous ongoing outdoor parties, adding to the jovial atmosphere. Salvador de Bahia is notable for its distinctly Afro-Brazilian culture, cuisine, and architecture, and therefore is well worth a visit if only for a cultural experience.

2. Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean Islands
With the strongest economy of any Caribbean nation, Trinidad and Tobago are bustling islands. However, it is a budget destination primarily because there is not as strong a tourist infrastructure as there is on other Caribbean islands. This means that there are relatively large areas of unspoiled nature, the perfect destination for the nature-loving traveler. There is a strong mix of African and West Indian cultures here, and the vibrant nightlife mirrors this heritage. The most budget-friendly area to visit on Trinidad is its northern region. Here you will find a mix of urban and rural areas, with lovely beaches, and a relaxed atmosphere. Tobago offers the budget traveler a variety of options, from the oldest protected rainforest in the western hemisphere – a birdwatcher’s delight, and of course, as nature always proves to be – free of charge.

3. Japan
Because of the rough time that Japan had in 2011 due to natural disasters and some economic downturns, this Asian country is now a prime destination for travelers on a budget. A cultural-savvy tourist can even stay in traditional Japanese-style minshuku guesthouses for less than $40 USD a night. Many wonderful attractions like botanical gardens and temples are free of charge. Others, such as the Tokyo National Museum, have very low entry fees (cheaper than fees in most major metropolises around the world). There is so much to see in this country – you can even go skiing, and it will cost you a fraction of the cost of skiing in the Alps, without sacrificing quality of experience. Japan is truly a world-traveler’s delight – just unique enough to provide you with astoundingly refreshing experiences, while remaining exceedingly comfortable to travel through thanks to the friendly, smiling population always willing to help a tourist out.