Choosing the Right Type of Metal for Your Roof

Investing in a new metal roof is a great way to improve the condition and look of your residential or commercial property. Metal is a popular material for roof installation because it is affordable, easy to maintain, energy efficient and attractive. However, with many different types of sheet metal fabrication available for use with different types of metal, you may wonder which type of sheet metal roofing is best for your property. Metals used may range from aluminum to zinc and many others, but the material is not the only functional difference between the different types of sheet metal roofing available to consider. With a closer look at the different types of metal panels that you may install on your roof, you can decide which panel type is best for your property.

Vertical Seam Panels
One of the more common types of sheet metal roofing you will find use vertical seam panels. These have panels that run across the height of the roof, and they connect on either side through panels that have a solid, locking fastening system. These are most commonly made out of zinc, aluminum, steel, copper and terne metals. Some also have moveable clips that adjust as needed to accommodate temperature fluctuations. These temperature fluctuations may take place seasonally as well as between the day and night on a daily basis. The movable clips can help the roof to remain in great condition over the years.

Modular Press-Formed Panels
Modular press-formed panels are typically pre-painted, and they can take on the look of a wide range of roofing types. For example, they may look like tile, slate or wood shakes. They are most often made out of terne, copper, zinc, steel or aluminum. The unique quality of these panels is that they are typically fastened directly to the roof beams, and they have a four-way interlocking feature that secures the panels during high wind situations. If you live in a windy environment, this may be the right option for your property.

Granular Coated Press-Formed Panels
These panels are unique because they are granular coated rather than pre-painted. They also can look like tiles, shakes and shingles, but they are most commonly made out of only 26-guage steel. Typically, this type of metal roof is installed on the roof deck or on a wood grid system for greater security.

Understanding the differences between these various types of metal roofing is important, and you can thoroughly research the options to make the best decision for your home or commercial building. It may also be helpful to obtain a recommendation from a roofer regarding the best type of metal roof to install on your building. For additional resources, visit Heather & Little Limited.